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Sponsorship Program Info and Form

Olive Pony Baseball Sponsorship Program

Operating a successful league requires numerous volunteers, community partners and financial support through local businesses. Olive Pony had a successful inaugural Spring season and we look forward to continued growth.

There are many expenses that come with starting and running a league. One of the major expenses is paying for our share of upkeep costs on our fields. It is through sponsorships and fundraising that we can provide a better environment for our kids without having to raise registration fees.

There is a mandatory $300.00 sponsorship per team.

Shetland Tball division has a mandatory $200.00 sponsorship per team.

Sponsorship funds are due prior to team uniforms being released. Once the mandatory sponsorship is met, additional funds are used to benefit the team!

Below is our sponsorship form which details the breakdown after the mandatory sponsorship has been met.

Team sponsorship funds are typically used for (but not limited to):

  • Personalizing uniform
  • Team banners
  • Team parties
  • Batting cage sessions
  • Team gear (socks, belts, jackets, bags, helmets)
  • Team Equipment‚Äč    Note: If equipment cannot be divided equally between all players (such as bats, gloves, and/or catchers gear) the equipment will be donated to the league so that future players can utilize it. It cannot become a personal possession for one player, manager or coach.

As stated on our sponsorship form, the team receives most of the money from their sponsor (after mandatory sponsorship has been met). The amount that is kept by Olive Pony Baseball is to cover the permit & banner or plaque cost for the sponsor. When our families hit the pavement and reach out to local businesses, we want them and their respective teams to reap the rewards. The sponsoring company will reap the reward of advertising through a banner, plaque or website recognition. It’s a win-win!

If you have any questions regarding sponsorships please contact us at and indicate “SPONSORSHIP” on your subject line.

Thank you for supporting Olive Pony Baseball!